Friday, September 14, 2007

New Year

I wished myself Shana Tova as I started my new teaching year at APU on Wednesday, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

Some would question my Jewishness.

I had an Orthodox conversion in 1984. I was assured that no one was to speak of my conversion from that time forward, that I was fully and completely Jewish. My rabbi often commented that I had a "Jewish Soul".

I was completely, utterly content worshipping Adonai Elohenu,
the L-rd our G-d.

Then I met a Rabbi who turned my world upside down.

I wasn't looking for Him. In fact I was doing my very best to avoid Him. He, however, was looking for me.

And "suddenly", I was one of them. Those Christians. Yes, I became a Christ follower. Believe me, that definitely wasn't in my plans.

Does that make me any less Jewish?

I don't feel less Jewish.

I do, however, feel Christian.

I guess I could say I'm a genuine Christian.


Because when I married my wonderful husband 2 years ago, I got a new last name:


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