Friday, September 21, 2007

Broadcasting Peace

It's a beautiful morning.

The sky is blue, the air is cooler, and the promise of fall is in the air.

It's a perfect morning to go outside and enjoy the peaceful sound of...hip hop being blasted from an SUV illegally parked in the alley behind our home?

I do not share a similar taste in music with my neighbor to the south. By that I mean I don't enjoy anything being blasted into my home at 100db no matter who the artist is.

I have a word for everyone who wishes to share in that manner: HEADPHONES

What is the knee-jerk reaction to an invasion of aural space? I confess, my strong desire is to blast the artist of my choice in the direction of the offending concert.

I was considering the effectiveness of that approach this morning when an entirely new idea burst into my consciousness:

What if we could broadcast peace?

What if we could aim total, blessed silence at the source of disruption?

What if that peace could utterly cancel out the racket?

I vote for that.

Meanwhile, I have the peaceful music of my choice quietly playing on my i-pod through my headphones.

And while I do that, I'll work on broadcasting peace.

I'll start with myself.

Peace be with you!

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