Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cutting Back

My roses get a little exuberant in the fall.

Okay, you need a machete to get by them at this time of year.

I go for the cottage garden approach.

In the narrow strip of earth I call my own, I try to cram as much fragrance as possible.

My landlord goes more for the military garden look.

The other day he politely requested that I "spend some time gardening". He had a painter coming to touch up the eaves, and hoped to provide safe passage for him.

It really is good to cut the roses back by a third at this time of year.

Well, they got cut back by more than a third. They were as out of control as a three year old on her third chocolate bar.

So I got my shears out and went to work.

The results?

This beautiful bouquet, newly painted eaves, and garden that, despite being more orderly in appearance, actually seems healthier.


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