Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roping Up Notes

The Long Beach Municipal Band's Cowboy concert this week has a LOT of notes in it.

A lot.

On a typical concert day I'm out in the audience greeting people (well, mooching, sort of - it's amazing what a hungry looking band member in an enormous shirt can score from the tender hearted and well stocked members of the audience). Today I just crept onto the band stand and tried to focus.

I'm not trying to be uppity.

I just need to play me a lot of notes.

A lot.

The pay-off is huge, however.

The last piece on the concert band program is "The William Tell Overture"...better know as the Theme to the Lone Ranger.

It is SO FUN to watch the crowd suddenly light up and cheer as the trumpets play the opening fanfare.

Tonight all 2,300 of them got on their horses and RODE!

It makes those notes all worthwhile.

Every last one of them!

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