Sunday, April 27, 2008

Simple Pleasures

It was a simple thing.

Bob is working (broiling) at Fiesta Broadway today, so I went to church alone this morning.

My friends John and Connie were also in attendance. John was going to do some handyman work in the men's restroom after church, so I invited Connie to coffee at a nearby coffee house.

We settled down, sipped our iced drinks, and chatted about this and that in the relaxed, comfortable cadence of old friends.

John was soon finished with the work on the john (couldn't resist that one!) and joined us.

We sat in comfy chairs, in no hurry, enjoying the air conditioning and each other's company, savoring the miracle of this simple pleasure.


Four days ago, just down the street from the coffee house, Connie underwent a heart procedure, not knowing if it would result in something relatively simple, extensive heart surgery, or death.

She ended up with five stents, no damage to the heart muscle, and a night in the hospital.

As we sipped our beverages and enjoyed the conversation, I took a moment, with a grateful heart, to give thanks to God for life's simple pleasures.

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