Friday, February 22, 2008

Shingles...Bob has Them

It started out as severe back pain. That made sense. Bob had done an entire load out up and down bleacher stairs by himself the night before.

The pain just got worse. Then came the swelling. He spent the night moving from sofa to comfy chair trying to find a position to sleep in. He didn't sleep much, and when he did he dreamed of talking cats ("cats are easier to talk to than people" said one nightmare cat!).

He set off for work today only to turn around halfway through his route in Van Nuys. He proceeded through a deluge to the local Urgent Care center. After an hour wait he discovered he hadn't hurt his back. He was sick. He had shingles.

Say it all together now: OUCH!!!!!!!!

He's now home in agonizing pain taking an anti-viral and praying for healing. You can tell he's feeling really bad because when he's awake he's a Chatty Cathy. That only happens when he's delirious.

Please pray for rapid healing and relief from the pain. We both would appreciate that.


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