Thursday, February 7, 2008

Operatic Irony

Long Beach Opera will be presenting Orpheus and Euridice next weekend. Unfortunately, this particular production is lacking a flute part. Rats (as in the year of?). I was suprised, then, to hear from LBO conductor Andreas Mitisek this afternoon. Had he come to his senses and decided he had to have a flute no matter what the musical score demanded?


He wanted a sound man.

Fortunately, he called the right person. My dear husband Bob is a magnificent sound man. The catch? He only has a few hours to pull together the gear for a rehearsal at the Belmont Pool. Tonight.

He's assembling gear even as I type. The rehearsal runs from 10 to midnight. God be with him.

And me? I'll be home dreaming of LBO's next production in March. THAT has a flute part...

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