Monday, February 11, 2008

Ready To Roll!

Tonight's the night!

After many months of preparation, Joel and I are ready to have a great deal of fun at tonight's recital.

I've got the hardest part of all nailed; I've had my outfit for months and have an appointment for hair and make-up this afternoon. The flute I can play!

So come on down if you can. It will be a blast!

Update: Remember the part above where I said the hardest part of all was nailed? I just got a call (10:13am) from the spa where I made my appointments 6 weeks ago saying the hairstylist was sick and couldn't come in. Oh, and to be sure I had a nice day. Interesting.

Update: I'm going to do my hair and makeup myself. Yipeeeeeee!!!!!

Update: Less than 3 hours before the recital this professional flutist (yes, it's flutist, not flautist) has done what only a professional hair stylist and makeup artist should do with interesting results, and is laughing because even though it feels like a big deal, it's not a big deal. I am commencing to get over myself!

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