Sunday, December 9, 2007


Why the blog silence?

I am toast.

I'm glad someone actually noticed my absence. My sister Janine gently inquired if everything was alright.

Yes, it's all good.




Why? I've been doing lots of fluting for money, lots of driving, and having lots of end of semester adventures.

APU flute juries were yesterday, signaling the end of the fall semester for me. Yes, yes I will post pictures soon...just not right now.

My dear mother-in-law Nellie arrives from Oklahoma City at 8:35 tomorrow morning for a week's stay. The house is in need of a little tweaking before her arrival. Okay, my work space in the office/guest room is piled high with stuff, stuff, stuff. I'm going to dump it all into a box and deal with it after she leaves. Wait, that's what I did last year. Those boxes are still waiting to be dealt with...

I get to play for money later this week. That is great.

But right now? This is the first time I've been home for more than 8 hours (including the sleeping part) in a week. I've forgotten what my pillow looks like. My husband and I are way behind on our hugs.

It's time to catch up.

I'll blog later.

Right now I'm toast!

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