Monday, December 3, 2007

A Masterful Experience

At 7:00 Saturday morning we loaded up the van for a trip to Malibu.

We were on our way to a flute Master Class by Sir James Galway.

Sir James was in town for a series of concerts with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and had agreed to appear at Pepperdine University.

As we made our way through Malibu Canyon we were on the lookout for Mr. Darcy ("who knew walking could be so hot?!?")

We arrived ready to learn and excited about the opportunity:

Jen joined us a little later:

There he is; Sir James, decked out in purple:

We all listened attentively as he told us the secret to successful flute playing...

...practice, practice, practice.

We left almost overwhelmed with the wealth of information Sir James effortlessly dispensed.

We all agreed that we would go home and practice, practice, practice!

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