Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rave On!

I hadn't planned on blogging tonight. I've got an early doctor's appointment tomorrow and just wanted to go to bed...

...that was until I got an email from my good friend Jerry with outrageous pictures of huge quantities of food, allegedly from a restaurant in Germany.

It was hard to believe the images, so I decided to do some in-depth detective work.

I Googled it.

Here's what I found:

Have some schitzel and 2 liters of beer for not much money

Welcome to Cafe and Restaurant Waldgeist (Forest Spirit) located in Hofheim Germany.

You can visit the original German website


The hilarious translated version.

I'm not sure how appetizing this looks

My personal favorite on the translated website is

"the FOREST SPIRIT child map [menu] for children with large hunger"


"The new children's playground….
… here children can rave… on…. "

Forest Spirit Beer Garden

So rave on, friends!

Me? I'll be dreaming of "A mountain Pommes [french fries] with much Ketchup"...

or maybe I'll be practicing my flute...

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