Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Wednesday

I staggered in from work not long ago and headed straight for my computer.

I knew that there would be some emails waiting that would determine my weekend schedule. I wanted to get them dealt with so I could just collapse after the 10 straight hours of teaching I did today.

I was hot on the trail of the email that would determine my future when Bob came into the office.

He suggested that I might possibly want to go back to the living room and see what it looked like. I was still engrossed in my quest.

Bob repeated his suggestion. I told him I was just about to discover how late I could sleep in on Saturday.

I knew something was up when he made his request a third time. He is extremely patient and laid back. I'm usually the one pressing for action.

I finally did what I should have done the first time he spoke; I jumped out of my chair and hurried to the living room.

This is what awaited me:

My dear husband surprised me with this lovely bouquet and the words, "Happy Wednesday!"

I love being married to a Romance Specialist!

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