Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I am a big fan of Netflix. In fact, I encourage anyone who has yet to experience its delights to sign up immediately. Sadly, however, today I was NetFoiled.

I had ordered the 1980 version of Pride and Prejudice. One could say that I'm a bit of a fan. I own 3 other versions of the movie.

Part 1 arrived quickly. Part 2, however, was sent from New Jersey. By mule. Via Norway.

While I was waiting for Part 2 to make its way across the nation, I comforted myself with watching the 5 hour Colin Firth version. This is my mom's favorite version.

I am partial to the 2005 version. At just over 2 hours, I can get a quick chick flick fix without sacrificing the main story elements. Regarding the ending, in the words of one of my APU flute students, "Who knew walking could be so HOT!"

I find that I get the urge to view the Bollywood version after especially long outsourced technical support sessions.

Today I was looking forward to a relaxing afternoon of viewing the long-delayed disc. I was suitably drowsy and already planning my nap time as the end neared. Mr. Darcy had just begun his declaration of love when...............the...................disc..........froze.


I'd sat through this rather long, rather dry rendition knowing that the end, at least, couldn't disappoint. But I was wrong.

I was NetFoiled.

Close inspection of the DVD revealed the crack diabolically located to inflict maximum pain.

Netflix has been duly notified.

I don't know. Maybe I've got time for the full 5 hour version.

Or maybe I should just practice my flute.

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