Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roku Rocks!

My dear brother Ken keeps up with all the coolest tech stuff. He sent an enticing email about the Roku Netflix player last week. He raved about the ease of installment and the delight of 12,000 video selections on the big screen at the touch of a button.

We delayed our gratification until the money came in, then ordered it straight away.

Now, instead of waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail, we can watch unlimited movies as many times as we want. We still get new releases (or whatever else we want) mailed to us on DVD, but won't be movieless while they are being shipped.

I've already watched episodes of Adam 12 and Emergency.

Seriously, I love those theme songs.

I'd never have gotten those on DVD, but am really tickled to view them again. It sure beats sitting in front of the computer while they stream (although I still have that option as well).

Meanwhile, the Legend of the Crystal Skull awaits us (on DVD). I heard it was lame. Who cares. We can watch it at home in our pajamas for cheap.

I have been a huge fan of Netflix for 2 years. Now I'm even huger (gotta cut back on the snacks!)

Roku Rocks!

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