Friday, October 10, 2008

Disneyland Dream Time Event

Tuesday found Bob and me at the Disneyland Resort. We were there to celebrate Bob's birthday.

We got a special treat right off the bat; this amazing parking place right next to the escalator:

The parks were decked out in their Halloween Time finery:

The birthday boy enjoyed lunch at his favorite eatery:

Although the park in general was not very crowded, there was a line to the Winnie the Pooh ride. I was all for bailing, but Bob quietly insisted that he wished to wait (he knows I really like the ride). As we exited our ride vehicles we were suddenly pounced upon by the Dream Squad. In a flash we were proud possessors of a Year of a Million Dreams "Dream Time Event" passes:

These passes allowed us to stay in Disneyland for an hour after everyone else left! We've never gotten anything from the Dream Team before, and were extremely tickled by this special birthday gift.

At 8pm as the park was closing to the rest of the guests, the 3,000 people with Dream Passes were escorted into a special area near Big Thunder Ranch. There we were entertained by Clark as the park was cleared of those not blessed with Dream Time passes:

Special guests Minne and Mickey were on hand to send us off into a now deserted park:

Although going on the rides was cool, the best part of the experience was the empty streets:

Here we are at the end of our day after riding the last Finding Nemo sub of the night:

What an amazing thing it was that the entire park stayed open just for us!

Thanks, Dream Team!

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