Monday, May 5, 2008

I Can See Clearly Now

My eyesight took a drastic turn for the worse recently.

I wear contacts that don't correct a rather pronounced astigmatism, so I wear reading glasses over my contacts to read music and other stuff like books. Lately, my arms haven't been long enough, even WITH the reading glasses. In fact, I have been wearing my reading glasses around the house almost all the time. And reading music? Pfffft.

The last straw was on our Thursday trip to Disneyland. I just couldn't focus on anything. It was frustrating and wearying. I did not want to go on next week's cruise with a chronic case of I Can't See A Blooming Thingitus.

I went to my optometrist today, expecting that I had a bad case of geezer eyes.

Her assistant did the initial check to see what my vision correction should be (I was looking at some red barn and somehow the machine diagnosed my eye sight. Weird). He looked at me strangely and asked if I'd lost a lot of weight lately (no, OINK!) or had diabetes (absolutely not), then passed me on to Dr. Howard.

She asked me the same questions, then double checked my vision with her fancier eye things. They confirmed what the barn picture machine said: my vision had improved from 2.75 to 2.00! The reason I was having so much trouble seeing was because my contacts were way too strong. She said that it was extremely rare for vision to correct itself to that extent and had no explanation for it.

I say I've been healed!

I can see (a lot more) clearly now!

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