Saturday, September 26, 2009

Low Tech facebook

My brain has developed a case of Short Attention Span Theater.

I find myself surfing from book to book to book to, well, book. In my defense, sometimes manly Jack Reacher is in a bit TOO much of a bind. If things get unbearably tense, I flip over to see how wry, witty spots agent Myron Bolitar is doing. This book is much darker than usual, though. Hmmmm. What is pet sitter Dixie Hemingway up to? Oh. Ludicrous plot premise. Maybe new friend Lewis Gillies has something entertaining to say.

It's like a green version of facebook - checking on friends' statuses (statusi?) without using a bit of electricity is good for the environment. Really. Best part? These are LIBRARY books. See? I'm recycling AND saving money. Have I justified my short attention span yet?


How about * WAIT*! Jack Reacher's in a bind... Gotta go!

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