Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Irish Tenors Cerritos 2008

I was so very grateful to play for The Irish Tenors concert at Cerritos Performing Arts Center again this year. They are magnificent musicians. It is a true pleasure to be on the same stage with them.

Since flute playing takes two hands, I was pretty limited in my photo ops.

Here's Karl Scully getting a feel for the hall:

Karl caught me in the act of photoblogging:

Anthony Kearns was the next one up:

They have such a short amount of time to get used to the hall:

Finbar Wright managed to avoid my lens this year. You'll have to settle for a picture from last year:

I especially enjoyed the several new arrangements in this year's concert, masterfully conducted by Eric Stern.

What a lovely evening.

To quote Steve Martin, "And the funny thing is, I get paid for doing this."

I love my job!

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