Sunday, March 4, 2007

Chocolate Garden

When last we left the garden, I said I still had "a lot of cleaning up to do":

Did I actually do any of it?



All that mess, and more, faced me yesterday:

I had not set foot in the garden in almost 2 months.

I almost missed the daffodils.

They just went on blooming without me.

Time flew by as I picked up leaves, pulled up mint gone wild, and removed an especially exuberant potato vine that our landlord was not in love with.

I know the limits of my own strength.

I waited until Bob got home from work, then asked him to dig up the stubborn stump.

Then it was time to apply the chocolate:

I used cocoa mulch for the first time last year.

It smells great, is not at all messy, lays right down and stays there (like an obedient canine!), and tends to slice up snails and slugs.

In fact, the layer I applied last year was still going strong.

It really does make the garden smell like chocolate:

For smell-o-vision, grab a bar of chocolate, unwrap it, and inhale deeply


The aroma goes well with the spearmint:

I also have chocolate mint!

The effort is worth it.

I went out and picked this mini-bouquet this morning:

I love my chocolate garden!

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