Saturday, December 30, 2006

Recreational Eating

I have perfected the art of Recreational Eating. Since I fall woefully short when it comes to other forms of athletic activity, I am grateful for my prowess in the R.E. arena.
I come from a long line of exceptionally gifted cooks and bakers. Some of my earliest triumphs in R.E. were made possible by my Grandma Ann. Her Sunday prime rib dinners complete with Yorkshire pudding, creamed onions, creamed brussel sprouts, creamed spinach....I'm drooling all over the keyboard.....losing focus......must eat...........Okay, I'm back. Her Sunday dinners opened my eyes (and mouth) to the realization that I could be a truly, truly gifted R.E. athelete.

My mom Barbara has inherited all of her mother's skills and added some that Grandma could only dream of. You talk about your fine eating! Nothing could top the amazing meals that Mom prepared for the 6 of us night after night after night. I still dream of Chicken Kiev, that cornbread with onions, cheese, and sour cream baked on top, Dilly bread, her killer macaroni and cheese. My R.E. skills were further honed during the years at my mother's table.

My dad is no slouch either. He followed Grandpa into the bakery world. I remember with great fondness our nightly guessing game about what Dad brought home from the bakery for dessert. Is it Napoleans? Eclairs? Chocolate Chiffon Cake? Banana Whip Cream Cake? Kuchen? May I please have seconds?

I worked along side my dad in the family bakery for 17 years. Now there's a place to hone your R.E. skills. On second thought, it would be your Professional Eating skills, wouldn't it. In fact, I didn't do much in the way of R.E. or P.E. at work. Would one, after all, be eating paper clips if one sold office supplies or fan belts if one sold cars? I reserved my R.E. for social events, family get togethers, ball games, holidays, waking up in the morning...

I'm sad to say that the current season of R.E. must come to an end. I'd love to continue practicing my craft, but my wardrobe does not sufficiently accomodate my championship frame. Perhaps it would be better, then, if I got back to practicing my flute.


Anonymous said...

This is now my favorite Blog and, you are definitely my favorite blogger. I find that eating (E.)is both vital and enjoyable, kinda like you.

Your Husband

FlutePrayer said...

Husband: You're the best there is!