Saturday, February 17, 2007

Where the Books Are

I love to read.

This has not always been the case.

When I was in first grade, my teacher failed to teach my class the alphabet, let alone how to read. Fortunately, my parents moved us to a new neighborhood mid-year. My new teacher, Miss Nelson, taught me the basics, then urged my mother to take me to the library over the summer and encourage me to read.

Mom did.

(Thanks, Mom!)

It was like putting a match to dry tinder.

From then on I had to be forced NOT to read.

I have been in love with libraries ever since.

This is my local library branch. Until recently it was only open 4 days a week (and they weren't the convenient 4 days!)

Happily, at the beginning of this month the schedule expanded.

The librarians are very knowledgable and wonderfully patient. I love to watch as they extend gracious kindness to everyone from the youngest child to the homeless person who just wandered in off the street. They are the best.

I love to see the library crowded with neighborhood kids excitedly running ahead of their parents because they can hardly wait to get their hands on more books.

I love to go online to reserve books. They get sent right to this very place, just blocks from my home. I can also renew said books online. That is so cool.

I'll be sailing in to the library on Tuesday, right after the holiday that closed it today.

I can't wait.

Libraries rock.

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