Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holidays 2009 - Batting A Thousand

As you saw from a previous post, I was down for the count on Thanksgiving Day. I was eager to head north again for Christmas, reveling in the fact that I felt well and looking forward to getting in all the partying I missed at Thanksgiving.

What could go wrong?

I will say that Christmas Eve was lovely. I felt especially fine and enjoyed the company and massive amounts of delicious food immensely.

Christmas Day started at 2am for me in our hotel room. No, I wasn't hyped up wondering what Santa had left for me. I was, how shall I say, stricken with an exceptionally violent case of stomach flu.

The next 24 hours were spent in a misery of extreme nausea with attendant body aches, headache, and other, um, other interesting manifestations.

What were the chances?

By the next day I could drink Gatorade and smell food without wishing for death. I spent the afternoon at my sister's, prone on the couch, hiding under blankets until our late afternoon departure.

I'll admit to a few tears of frustration and self pity as we pulled out of their driveway. I missed Thanksgiving AND Christmas. BOO HOO. Poor me.

It was almost a week before I could stand up for more than a few minutes without getting dizzy. No matter. I had a delicious stash of books to read. Who needs to stand for that!

New Year's Eve arrived and I was feeling pretty good. Bob went out and rounded up some delicious treats, and we spent a quiet evening at home enjoying each other's company.

The new decade dawned warm and bright here in Southern California. And guess what! I felt FINE!!!!

I'm putting the ills of the old year behind me and embracing the fresh promises of a fine New Year.


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